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Ocean Lovers' Chinese Lessons

Updated: 4 days ago

Calling all intrepid explorers, superheroes in training,

both above and below sea level:

Learn more about threats to ocean life and what you can do to help in the Beneath the Surface activity pack, featuring the Ocean Lovers' Chinese mini-lessons. Learn about sea animals and culture in China, while learning a bit of Chinese reading, writing and speaking.

Learning another language always makes the world a smaller,

more understanding and peaceful place.

These video mini-lessons are 15 minutes or less each and come with online flashcard games and practice exercises. Enjoy exploring Ocean Lovers' Chinese vocabulary, phrases and folklore. Learn more about it and sign-up here.

Or feel free to scroll down, to the right, and click on the message icon to contact me with any questions.


(Looking forward to hearing from you soon!)


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