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The Plight of the Pink Dolphins

Updated: Apr 5

China's "Pink Dolphins" (Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins) have declined 75% in just the past 20 years, according to the 2018 documentary by Daphne Wong, Breathing Room. And while the disappearance of these Hong Kong cultural icons has been documented for quite some time now, new threats continue to spring up in the wake of ones previous.

"Mama & Baby", Photo Credit: Eva Lau Photography, Hong Kong Dolphin Watch

As World Dolphin Day quickly approaches (April 15th), the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society is building up momentum and calling for everyone's support to help prevent a new offshore oil rig from operation that's in close vicinity to the pink dolphins' protected habitat. With the local count remaining under 75 for the last decade, not to mention the current threats of GHG emissions, can we really afford a potential oil spill or more fossil fuel pollution at this present point in time?

Help sign the HKDCS petition to save the beloved "pandas of the sea" and support their conservation and education work however else you can!

Learn more about the threats to China's Pink Dolphins and other ways you can help protect them from where you are in the world by purchasing the "Deep Dive" Volume 1 activity pack (click here) -- a supplement to the first story in The Blue Marble Series, Beneath the Surface. Each book in the series comes with a set of ocean literacy, eco-mindfulness activities that allow readers to deepen their understanding of the bioregion and other cultural aspects of where the story takes place.


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