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Happy Earth Month!

Updated: Apr 6

Well, shello again, Ocean Lovers!

How are your Earth Months going so far?

Remember, April 14th is Dolphin Day and the pink dolphins in China need your support!

There is so much worth protecting and celebrating -- I just can't stop! It's been 2 years since Beneath the Surface was released as an ebook and by this time next year, you'll have the chance to read the sequel, which takes place in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida.

In honor of the ocean, our sacred body of water that connects and gives life to all; with respect to the transformations it has gone through, as life in the seas everywhere struggle with climate change as well as other human-caused issues like plastic pollution and commercial fishing; in acknowledgement of the damage done to our ecosystems, particularly the largest one in the world (our marine ecosystem) I am joining my taichi teacher in China to host an online practice to alleviate our eco-anxiety about this all, stay focused on the solutions and changes we know we can make, and renew our morale.

It's also EARTH MONTH! So we have a lot to be happy about. Please join us for 20 minutes of joyful, healing and strengthening oceanside QIGONG. The theme of Earth Day this year is "Planet vs Plastics" so we want to make sure you're ready to fight the good fight.

Enjoy this video from Alan, my taichi teacher and special guest host below.

When: Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 7:30 am (EST) which is 7:30pm in China

Where: WeChat Livestream, so please add me to RSVP: carissawelton


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