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Ecomindfulness & Active Hope

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Hope is the continuous theme of the Blue Marble Series, starting with the first story, Beneath the Surface. The series is designed as a collection of ocean exploration stories to inspire readers and demonstrate all of the possibilities people, especially young people, can achieve to help heal the ocean directly through their actions.

Climate catastrophe is heartbreaking to learn about and can often leave us feeling anxious and depressed. Yet there is so much more we have to learn about our very own home planet and our very own resilience. Just the fact that there's so much we don't know gives us more than enough reason for hope that we will eventually find the solutions we need to live more harmoniously with all life on this planet.

Each book in the Blue Marble Series comes with an ocean lovers' activity pack I've also created, featuring a "Reasons for Hope" daily card deck (sample cards shown in this post below).

"Reasons for Hope" is a daily card set designed to help you focus on positive environmental protection news, projects, ideas, activities and meditations. Use the cards daily to exercise a variety of ecomindfulness and creative activities that also help develop habits that strengthen your proactive approach to environmentalism.

We understand that change must first begin with our own mindset. Once we are able to calm and open our own minds, accept differing information and complex problems, all the while keeping an open and caring attitude, we will be able to enact real change and problem solving approaches in our lives and greater communities at large.

Stay curious and join my Patreon for more "Reasons for Hope":


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