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31 Reasons for Hope

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Please enjoy these samples of the "31 Reasons for Hope" cards in the brand new Beneath the Surface activity pack, designed to take readers and listeners on a deeper dive into ocean exploration, eco-mindfulness, Chinese culture and media literacy.

Currently, the amount of environmental problems surrounding us outweighs the amount of action toward resolution and restoration. Just as Xing Xing, the main character in Beneath the Surface, learns to free herself of one of the consequences of overfishing, readers can do the same by developing their mental and emotional agility, followed by plans of action.

Enthusiasm, hope and optimism are essential core components of making the world a healthier, happier place. These cards were designed to help open your heart and mind to all the possibilities of life on a more harmonious planet. Along with each daily reason for hope, you will also find reflection questions with suggestions for activating your hope. Although many people think of hope as an intellectual act or feeling, hope can only ever truly be attained through action.

Help end the old world doom's day apathy and join the glowing movement of hopeful deeds. All of your purchases go toward providing free eco-mindfulness materials for Roots & Shoots Global members. Click the link below to receive your set of cards with daily reasons for hope and ideas to activate it ($6.50 USD).

Additionally, designed for your enjoyment and relaxation, choose whether or not to color within the lines of the Beneath the Surface coloring book, featuring the images from the story along with some bonus material ($3.00 USD).


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