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Zerowaste gifts & eternal thanks!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Launching and developing the Blue Marble Series has definitely been a bright spot in my life over the last few dismal years. My hope is that the adventure series will enlighten and delight all who read it. The next book focuses on resiliency and solutions to some of our biggest ocean threats. The only thing stopping me from publishing it right now is funding.

The exciting thing about following your dreams is that doors continue to keep opening for you, as long as you keep knocking. Persistence really is key. I've applied for some grants and residencies that will allow me to travel south to the Gulf of Mexico and finish the sequel to Beneath the Surface. The premise of the next book is a reflection of the recovery and resilience of local communities in Florida affected by the 2010 ExxonMobil oil spill disaster.

If I can sell at least 1,000 more ebooks, I will be able to subsidize my living, transport and research expenses through March 2023. Any interest or questions you may have about this project, feel free to contact me. I'm excited to talk about it with more people. Your generous contribution and support will definitely be acknowledged when that book comes out (see details below).

Thank You Gifts for your donation of:

$0 USD - just sharing my fundraiser helps SO MUCH, so I will still thank you graciously with a "shout-out" & virtual hug!

$1 - 5 USD - 1 month subscription to Beneath the Surface Ocean Lovers' Chinese Lessons ($5 USD)

$5 - 10 USD - Beneath the Surface audiobook + 2 months Ocean Lovers' Chinese Lessons ($13.99 USD)

$15 - 20 USD - Beneath the Surface audiobook + 2 months Ocean Lovers' Chinese Lessons + 1 month sucscription to daily Reasons For Hope email cards ($23.99 USD)

$20 - 25 USD - official investor in the sequel with special dedication printed on the acknowledgment page.

Thank you so much!


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