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Win A Personalized Portrait

For the next two days, when you contribute to this fundraiser for Scale Up Animation Studios, you can win a personalized poster featuring you and/or a loved one in a scene from Beneath the Surface. Developed as a graduate project from SINA - Social Innovation Academy, Scale Up Animations aims to create a range of media products that are custom-tailored to their clients' needs.

Scale Up Animation Studios is a social enterprise designed to serve disadvantaged youth and provide them with training and skills they need to thrive in the field of media design. Ideally, Scale Up Animations aims to continue promoting the other social enterprise companies that have graduated from SINA, such as ecofashion company, Muafrica.

Your interest in their work not only encourages them to continue producing high quality design work for clients, but also provides the funding they need to continue running their new business. Feel free to contact them regarding other media campaigns or projects. Help them broaden their portfolio with your contribution and purchases!

We will draw the lucky winner this Saturday, October 6th at midnight and announce it later that evening. Please reach out if you have any questions in the meantime. Click here to purchase your tickets. Good luck!


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