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The Importance of Ocean Literacy

The Blue Marble Series is dedicated to Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Global, where I've learned so many valuable life's lessons for creating change in my community and celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Each purchase you make helps me to offer free resources to Roots & Shoots Global groups around the world!

Me and my Roots Shoots Grade 5 students, March 2017

As Dr. Jane stated in her New Year's Eve address just last year, "our health depends on the health of our environment". With the core focus of each Roots & Shoots group around the world creating a community project, campaign, initiative or service opportunity right in their own back yard, they enjoy a meaningful experience not just for learning, but for lasting friendships and other lifechanging impacts. Becoming a Roots & Shoots group leader has also taught me more about sustainability as a vital life skill. It is imperative that more of us view environmental education and become more curious about the world we live in, including how to live in it peacefully together.

Ocean Literacy is a fundamental starting point when diving into environmentalism. Not only is the ocean responsible for making our planet habitable for us, but it is also largely explored and in need of more future marine biologists and other explorers. As of 2013, less than 5% of the ocean had been explored. We know more about outer space than we know about inner space!

Many of us don't realize how inextricably connected we are to life in the sea or how much of our livelihood depends on ocean health. Diving 10 meters or below, to travel and observe life Beneath the Surface isn't for everyone, but I hope my stories will be able to speak for all the creatures of the seas and help connect more readers to their ocean roots, hidden down below in the great unknown. Who knows what we may be able to find together?


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