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Updated: Jun 27, 2023

AI will never be as creative as earthlings until everyone's a programmer, and even then, human intelligence falls short of all the millions of other evolving species on our planet. So how could AI ever surpass the little sources of information it's been fed? I mean, come on now, top neuroscientists in the world can barely understand our own brains, so it's absurd to think humans can build a robot with higher creative and emotional intelligence at this stage of the humanity game. In essence, unless programmed by racoons or better yet, racoomaids, AI will forever remain a liminal, exclusive and crude calculator compared to all the actual brilliance life on this planet has to offer.

Simply put, AI is merely a tool that a few of us silly humans made. It is by no means something to fear, as it will never overpower us by itself. Its creators and its unethical users, however, are cause for alarm. But AI itself, especially in its current state, will never be able to replace human creativity or intelligence. Beware of the Snake Oil that sings its technically advanced cure-all praises....


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