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Personalized Poster

Personalized Poster

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Let the illustration team, Scale Up Animations, take you Beneath the Surface and meet some of the characters! Enjoy this personalized fan art (1000 x 800, JPEG/PNG), $55 USD, click here to purchase.


    Commission a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork from the talented illustration team behind Beneath the Surface, Scale Up Animation Studio.

    Scale Up Animations is a premiere media-based production studio specialising in visual storytelling and character development for animation ,comic books, publishing and themed entertainment. They are a social enterprise, passionate about providing an "Artpreneurship" journey for young refugees who have become change makers.

    Scale Up Animations dedicated themselves to helping solve the problems of startup companies in Uganda collapsing because of outdated methods of advertising. Joshua Mirimo, Mugabo David and Victor Banywesize specialize in visual storytelling and character development for animation, comic books, publishing and themed entertainment. Scale Up Animations produces high quality and affordable animation videos for impactful startups to increase sales and social impact through video animation and a strong brand identity.

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    Any defect in the audiobook or problems accessing your purchase will be addressed within a 72 hour period. Thank you for your patience!


    However, if that wait is unacceptable, I am happy to refund your purchase upon receiving this complaint form.

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