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War Is Over

Updated: Apr 9

As every ocean lover knows, there is a world war raging all around us.

If you've read Beneath the Surface, you know that it's the first book in a series about the war on our ocean. Readers can also take a "Deep Dive" to learn more and take immediate action to end all wars. Specifically, there are 3 main threats in the South China Sea that the Deep Dive (NGSS7/SDG14) focuses on: endangered species, overfishing, and the scariest thing in the sea --  ghostnets!

All of your purchases go toward providing free resources to Roots & Shoots Global groups, which empower young changemakers all around the world to protect and nurture all forms of life within their communities. You can also support the Blue Marble Series by contributing $20 or more to be acknowledged in the sequel to Beneath the Surface, which follows Xing Xing to the Gulf of Mexico (projected for release in March 2025).

Always keep hope alive! Because the more you love the ocean, the more it will love you back...


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